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Our company is committed to make your work easier, delivering monetized solutions under the thinking of "you think, we build".

Modern Solutions

Nowadays users ask for solutions which keep them up to date, and that is something we do not negotiate. We develop with trending and secured tools.

Integration make us flexible

We understand, you already have solutions build in other platforms, do not want to switch, great we can discuss an integration and possible migration.

The most resourceful solution
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Ing Developer a New York company is focused on bringing solutions to their clients through custom tools that help them make wise decisions.

We started our company with the goal of give our clients the best solutions to their needs.

Scalable updates

Multiple sub apps

Tech support

Integration ready


We have lots of experience
building Django Web Apps.

We've built many web applications that can vary from dashboards, data analyzers to web scrapers.


We build over reliable framework offering an extra layer of security.


Start your ideas with a Single Page Application is a good approach to scale your ideas.


We are convinced that secured data is one of the best cards played at the moment of create solutions for our clients. Postgres is a secure database engine that gives us more trust when its time to secure information in the server.


Sensitive data must be monitored constantly before make any decision

Data Collection

“We create individual customer views to help companies discover the information they need connecting the dots to deliver insights. Customize and automate workflow for each company is our commitment.”

Data Visualization

“In the process of communicate with others, a set of charts will clearly deliver the idea effectively. Setting the right algorithm will help us to organize your data, keeping a record for future strategies. ”

Data Measure

“At this point, your company will be making decision based on organized data and not in assumptions.”

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Stay focused on your business.
Let us handle your data.

You have so much to do. Stop cross-browsing between multiple application and bring together all your data points in just one dashboard.





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Fair, simple pricing for all.

We help you to set and achieve your goals knowing your priorities, so we give you the option to decide how much you need to use.


Do not have a cloud service ?

Do not own any domain ?

Will you need to add more features to your app in the future?

Do you need execution speed?

Do you need a professional team to develop your idea?

This is what we need


We can discuss integration if you already own an IT infrastructure in you company, let's work together.

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Who has access to our my data assets?

Only you, end users have privileged access to their sensitive data. We guaranty that your data is sealed with you application, and it is not shared with any other solution.


What if I need to scale my app?

No problem, We make sure that your app has a good architecture since the beginning, so then we include future features.


Do I get technical support on my app?

Absolutely! We, as a partner of your company will be glad of answer any inquiry that your team may have.
We've you covered!


Can I pay only for what I use?

Why not, we understand you need a small solution which does not require a big infrastructure. We've you covered here too. Let's talk.

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